Friday, February 27, 2015

A Letter to My Chinito & Suplado Love

It's been over a month, since you rejected my love. But Nope! I can't... I can just make some space between us, but I can't make myself stop in loving you. Even if you wish me to..
I just can't especially that I began to unconditionally love you.. Every day I am hurting, everyday I get jealous.. But I am trying to be as brave as I can not to show off.. No matter what I feel, it's still my choice to love you. I can't blame anyone for how I feel. I can't blame you. It was me who wanted to love you.
I can stay in silence if you don't want to feel my presence. How I wish I can make myself invisible so you won't see me, if that irritates you in any way.
I can pretend not to hear anything, just not to get affected.
Somehow, I have this feeling and I still hold on to my belief that our story does not end there. It still continues, but maybe this time, it has to continue in part ways, for us to grow and be ready when its time.
The pain, they all passed and forgotten.
But the love I have for you, it grows every day. So how can I even kill something that grows naturally?
I love you not only because you're cute (pero super bonus na yun).
I love you because I still believe that you still deserve to be loved kahit na suplado ka most of the time. I believe that you can still offer love, you're just afraid to try.
I can wait.
Maybe, if the time comes na malaman ko na you will settle na, I will be happy na din even if it's not with me. At least you believed in love again. Something na kinalimutan mo ng matagal.
But of course, I would be happier if I will be the lucky girl. (In my dreams na lang siguro yun).
At kung mangyari yun, let's see. Maybe, if it happens, that will be the only time na I will try to stop loving you.
But for now, let me love you. Kahit sa malayo lang...


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